The ShadowLine honeycomb blind is special form of the pleated blind. The cellular pleated design in the honeycomb blinds makes the blind highly energy efficient and serves as an insulation barrier to control the temperature inside the room specially in summers when you want to reduce heat and keep warm in winters. ShadowLine offers a high quality and reliable honeycomb blind system : Benthin ( Decomatic®). With different control options, a choice of profiles colors with color matched components and with over 90 model types for each system we provide a decorative, functional system perfectly suited for home and office interior and for all window types.

Top advantages

high quality and reliable system: Benthin (Decomatic®) high quality and reliable system: Benthin (Decomatic®)
reducing energy cost reducing energy cost
providing maximum thermal insulation providing maximum thermal insulation
keeping the heat in summer and warm in winter keeping the heat in summer and warm in winter
no visible holes no visible holes
perfect room darkening solution perfect room darkening solution
sound absorbing sound absorbing
over 90 model types over 90 model types
perfect solutions for roof windows, skylights and winter gardens perfect solutions for roof windows, skylights and winter gardens
covering of window of any shape: trapezoid, triangle, semi – circle covering of window of any shape: trapezoid, triangle, semi – circle
suitable for home and office interiors suitable for home and office interiors

Product information

Types overview

Benthin (Decomatic)


Control options

Handle-operated [1]
Simple operation of pre-tensioned pleated blinds with a discreet and stylish handle [A]. 
Or a silver metal handle [B] with individually coloured inserts as a premium design option.  

Cord operation [2]
Integrated cord lock, without cord overtravel. 
With a child-safe tassel [C].  This opens under load so that no  loop can develop. 

Chain operation [3]
Smooth, quiet and child safe chain drive (Ø4.5 x 6 mm) with a chain safety device.
An optimal control is achieved through suitable gearing 




Motor operation [4] 
Opening and closing the blind with a 24 V Somfy motor operated using a switch or, for greater convenience, by remote control.
Innovative drive - wireless and whisper-quiet battery motor. 

Crank operation [5]
Crank operation for ceiling or 
Sky light winter garden blinds with detachable and overload safe crank handle. 

Spring drive [6] 
A child-safety way to operate free-hanging systems. The window is kept free of cords or chains. The system is continuously adjustable. 

Profiles colors
Cordless and child safe system

EasyTouch is a pleated and honeycomb blind type where through the operation of the bottom rail you can move your blind into desired position.
This type complies a childproof according to EN 13120 European standard. The window is kept free of cords or chains.
Thanks to the innovating spring system placed in the upper rail, even large shades are possible. Maximum width is 230 cm and the maximum height is 210 cm.

The profiles are available in white, silver, black and anthracite. Bottom rail can be made with or without handle.

Battery, wireless motor

An innovative and patented 12V motor for pleated and honeycomb blinds

The low-noise motor can run around 400 cycles with just one battery charge at a room temperature of 20°C and is powered by an external battery. This corresponds to an operating time of approx. 7 months (depending on user behavior*).

The pleated blind system is operated via a programmable hand transmitter with 16 channels and a group control option. A convenient option is to set an individual stop position. Learning and using the remote control is explained in clear programming instructions.
Max. width 230 cm and max. height 260 cm.

The advantage of this system is that it has no cords that run outside the curtain and therefore complies with EU standard 13120 for child safety.

Mounting options without drilling and screwing

Clamp bracket with sealing pad

Clamp bracket with sealing pad

It is a perfect solution to avoid drilling and to improve the energy efficiency. Available in white, grey, black and anthracite.

The sealing pads are attached to the back of the fixing brackets and avoid hollow spaces in the rubber sealing of the window which otherwise are formed, when tightening the brackets. The sealing pads make sure the insulation remains intact. This is an important factor in the thermal insulation of the window.

Nowadays energy efficiency and protection of our environment are important issues. Tests were done and the results showed that two fixing brackets without sealings pads reduce the insulation of the window by as much as 50%. 

In a room of 20 square meters with 2 windows there would be a complete exchange of air within 24 hours and this with the windows being closed! As a consequence there would be a noticeable draught of air and a drop in room temperature. This effect will be avoided by using the clamp brackets

Clamp bracket with sealing pad

Pleated and honeycomb blind type P1614

It is a great and simple solution for clamp installation of type 1615 without damaging the window seal.

Pleated and honeycomb blind type P1614

ShadowLine clamping profile

An intelligent solution to mount blinds without screwing and drilling.
It is the perfect solution especially for rented flats. The mounting of the blinds is very quick and easy. 
You don't need any screws or other tools. Also the dismounting is now a child-play and does not cause any damages on the inner sealing of the window.
Within a few seconds you are able to clean your windows.

ShadowLine clamping profile

Adhesive profile

ShadowLine adhesive profile is our next intelligent solution for mounting Benthin pleated blinds P1615 without screwing and drilling. 

Simple to fix and to remove at any time without leaving traces

No tool is needed to fix the ShadowLine adhesive profile. 

You only have to take measure and to clean the adhesive area with the provided cleaning cloth before fixing.

The adhesive profile is available in white and grey. 

This elegant adhesive profile can be attached directly on the glass pane. The holders can be fitted accurately to the glazing bead angle. 
With the help of a normal hairdryer the ShadowLine adhesive profile can be removed in shortest time without leaving any traces.
The same like ShadowLine clamping profile it is a great solution for rented flats.

Adhesive profile

Joint adhesive plate

Joint adhesive plate

With the help of the patent-pending joint adhesive plate a pleated and honeycomb blind can easily be glued into almost every glazing bead in a window.

In contrast to other adhesive solutions, the joint adhesive plate works with two legs and a flexible joint, whereby the plate can be adapted to the respective glazing bead and achieves a significantly higher adhesive strength.

Fitted precisely and can be removed without a trace at any time.

Joint adhesive plate

Adhesive bracket

In today's world, everything should become easier and more convenient. What could be than more obvious than installing sun and sight protection without tools?.

Gluing is the ideal solution for pleated and honeycomb blinds to plastic window frames and turn / tilt windows. 
Installation is child's play in just a few steps. After cleaning the surface and measuring the distances, the bracket is glued to the desired location. If the drying time is observed, sun and privacy protection can be attached.

Thanks to the professional glue, the adhesive holds securely and in long-term. The brackets can be removed again, without leaving adhesive residue or damage on the window frame. Available in white, grey and black.

Adhesive bracket