Shadowline roller blind systems are available in four size ranges : mini, small, medium, and maxi  - and thus offer the right solution for all requirements and sizes.
Each system includes a suitable selection of specific types, which differ with regard to their control options, configurations and possible applications. 
Design, perfect customization and safety will be guaranteed in every case. 
All the components, covers, cassettes and side guides are marked out by their elegant, discreet design, making integration with any window possible. 
Premium components and certified quality guarantee perfect functioning and an attractive,modern and high quality product. 
Visible components and profiles match each other perfectly.
All profiles are anodized in silver or powder-coated in white or black.

Top advantages

high quality and reliable system : Benthin (Decomatic®) high quality and reliable system : Benthin (Decomatic®)
room darkening solutions room darkening solutions
sound absorbing sound absorbing
flame retardant, antibacterial and anti-fungal fabrics flame retardant, antibacterial and anti-fungal fabrics
a great combination of design and function a great combination of design and function
suitable for home and office interiors suitable for home and office interiors

Product information

Types overview
Roller blind small

ShadowLine small roller blind system is designed for roller blinds with a small roll diameter and offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for smaller windows.

The size of the blind is in perfect harmony with the size of the window.

A patented spring counter-bearing [3] with a locking function enables easy and convenient assembly of roller types with holder attachment.
The spring mechanism simplifies the assembly of the roller blind and any inaccuracies in the distance between the holders can be compensated for.

Easy assembly with mounting profile [1]
Whether wall or ceiling mounting, the roller blind with support profile is simply clipped into the mounted clip.


Discreet cassette profile [2]

A round, two-part cassette adapts harmoniously to the surroundings and can be quickly and easily attached to the wall or ceiling using a clip.
The flat mounting clip enables quick and easy mounting with a minimal distance to the wall / ceiling.
A side guide profile with an optional brush seal is available to match the cassette profile.

The subtle side cable can
can be attached to the side of the wall or soffit and also to the floor with the variable  holder. The cable holder [4] is also suitable for medium roller blinds.

Variety of use
In addition to the manual operating options, side pull with chain and central pull, the small roller blind can also be equipped with a 24 volt motor. 

Roller blind medium

ShadowLine medium roller blind system offers a wide range of options and models. 
The bracket mounting , the mounting profile , a round cassette [1] and an square cassette [2] and flexible cover solutions coordinated with tubes and operating types make the medium roller blinds the perfect fit for almost all needs. 
The mounting profile  [3] is available with hidden brackets and covered end caps, as well as in a metal design variant [4] with metal end caps also possible with mounting profile.
Side guides [2] are available for optimal darkening,
in which the fabric is guided in the side profile by means of the bottom strip end caps.
Tight brushes can also be inserted in the rails to optimize the room darkening.
The two-sided bottom bar[1] (type 17)  is flat on one side, round on the other side and can be used to match the selected roller blind type. 
The same like by small roller blinds, the discreet cable guiding with the variable cable holder can be attached laterally to the wall or ceiling as well as to the floor. 
Patented aluminium tubes [5] (Ø29/Ø38/Ø43mm) with eccentric internal contouring even out tolerances, ensuring that the components sit firmly and securely. 
In addition to the spring bearing with locking function, the spring bearing with lever [6] is a safe and simple installation variant.

Comfort of operation 
Tried and tested Ø4.5 x 6.0 mm chain operation [3] is also available with matt ball chains for a contemporary, timeless look. 
Furthermore, the chain guard [3] guarantees child safety. 

In addition to 24-volt motors and 230-volt motors, the convenient motor solutions also include battery-powered 12-volt motors. 
Easy installation 
All cassette profiles and mounting plates can be mounted quickly and easily with clips to the wall or the ceiling. 
Optionally, the mounting profile and the cassettes can be conveniently mounted with a screw using an aluminium bracket/screw. 

Wireless, ShadowLine Battery motor

With this battery motor with integrated lithium battery and radio receiver, fixed cabling to other external power sources is not necessary.

The battery is fully charged in approx. 5 hours.

The roller blind system is operated via a programmable hand-held transmitter with 16 channels and the option of group control or via an app.

Thanks to additional Wifi Connector bridge the ShadowLine battery motor is also compatible with Alexa Echo and Google Home and can be controlled by voice.

Max. System dimensions 240 cm x 240 cm and curtain weight 2.4 kg

The next advantage of this system is that it has no chain that run outside the curtain and thus complies with EU standard 13120 for child safety.